Uniswap & Taxes – What You Need To Know

Launched in 2018, Uniswap has now become a go-to exchange for swapping cryptocurrencies but are transactions (tx/txs) on Uniswap taxable? Since crypto trades are also taxable, we’re sure you would’ve wondered if Uniswap transactions are taxable too. We’re here to answer that for you. Crypto trades on any platform are subject to taxes, and Uniswap […]

What Is Impermanent Loss and How Do Uniswap Farmers Cope?

Yield farming is as popular as ever, and farmers still profit from providing liquidity on Uniswap, but how do they deal with impermanent loss? APRs Annual Percentage Rates are still high – however, the high levels of volatility are breaking down the yield farming niche. But what is impermanent loss (IL) in the first place & how much of a […]

How To Cancel a Pending Uniswap Transaction

It finally happened, you attempted to transfer your digital assets/swap tokens on Uniswap. In the process, your transaction (tx/txs) got stuck for the first time. Welcome to the world of Decentralized-Finance (De-Fi)! Jokes aside, this may happen once in a while since smart contracts are still not perfected. They will naturally produce errors from time […]