What is Uniswap v2?

Uniswap V2 (UNI-V2) is the successor to the wildly popular UNI-V1 protocol launched in late 2018.  Things move fast in the land of crypto, and you might be surprised to learn that UNI-V2 was only recently launched this past summer! Building off of UNI-V1’s foundation UNI-V1 undoubtedly laid a solid foundation for the current iteration […]

How to Choose a Cryptocurrency Wallet

In the ever-expanding world of blockchain technology, choosing the right wallet to store your digital assets is often a challenge most crypto-enthusiasts and blockchain investors will eventually face. With the growing number of new coins and tokens hitting the market comes an increasing number of options for storing your crypto.  There are three main options […]

Swapfolio Dev Weekly Update: 16/11 – 22/11

Team, what developments have you been working on this past week? Have you guys accomplished anything that you are particularly pleased about? Barry: Staking dApp upgrade has been completed. The dApp now uses the same tech stack as the main app, with improved features. Testing at the moment, but very close to the release. Posty: […]

Crypto Week in Review 11-16 Nov 2020

Every week, we’ll quickly cover the biggest stories in crypto so that you’ll always be up to speed on the latest headlines. Quickly skim the headlines and if you see something that interests you, read up on it in full detail by clicking the source link. Story of the Week Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) […]