The App

Swapfolio App

Your one-stop-shop for all your Uniswap management needs.

The App

Swapfolio App

Your one-stop-shop for all your Uniswap management needs.

Our unique portfolio & trading terminal enables users of all levels to trade effortlessly in a safe environment with unmatched accuracy.

Trade and manage your Uniswap portfolio with complete control and peace of mind.


Use one Dashboard for all your Uniswap assets.

No more need for countless browser tabs, multiple sources or tools. Trying to fit all resources across multiple screens is a thing of the past.

With Swapfolio’s One-Dashboard solution, you have all the information you need intelligently displayed in one dashboard.

Fast & Accurate

View your portfolio value in real-time.

Experience precision trading.

See the value of all your holdings in real-time, with the highest accuracy and the lowest latency currently available. 

Safe & Secure

Access all Uniswap tokens and contracts, at once.

The whole Uniswap ecosystem is just one click away.

See all available listings, contract addresses, and the fundamentals required to make informed decisions, time, and time again.

Trade Planner

Create Customized Lists of Tokens - Track & Plan.

Research your next potential investment with unwavering confidence.

Create a list of tokens so that you can track their performance as you take steps towards your next investment.

Filtered Listings

Way safer than Uniswap.

We do the hard work for you: ONLY APPROVED and VERIFIED projects will have their tokens listed on the Swapfolio App.

This way, you can buy or trade with confidence, fully knowing that when you use Swapfolio, you are getting the real thing.

Experience Uniswap the way you deserve.

Trade and manage your portfolio effortlessly, with complete control, unmatched accuracy and peace of mind.