How to Keep Track of Your Trades Using a Uniswap Trading App

Ethereum has grown from the humble beginnings of $128.72 on January 1, 2020, to a “scary” $666 in mid-December 2020. This came a day after Bitcoin hit $20,000 for the first time and broke through the ceiling. These kinds of fantastic growth in Etheruem, and cryptocurrency at large, are just getting the network warmed up, though. […]

How Your Investment Portfolio is Boosted With Uniswap

Since the July 2020 DeFi explosion, everyone’s been talking about DeFi and Uniswap this summer! Are you looking to add some tokens from Aave, Compound, or MakerDAO to your cryptocurrency investment portfolio but unsure how to do it? You could go with a left-field pick, but why do that when there’s Uniswap? Should you use it, how do […]

Why You Need Uniswap Trading to Get Ahead in Crypto

Are you just getting started in cryptocurrency trading? If so, you’re among the 31,590 individual dApp users in DeFi this past summer. Most of them were using Uniswap for trading their tokens. That statistic is only six months old, but it’s already not outdated. Tools and companies like FlipsideCrypto’s chainwalking technology are reporting an average of 400,000 daily […]

What is a Uniswap Portfolio? What You Need to Know

Many investors are moving from traditional investment markets to cryptocurrency investing, including the Winklevoss twins. As owners of the Gemini exchange, they’ve been increasing their portfolio with a mix of custom-built and public tools. After all, when you’re moving billions of dollars like them, you’re going to need security protocols. But what about the rest of […]

How Uniswap is Transforming DeFi

“DeFi,” what is it – and where did it come from? Before June of 2020, even 71% of the cryptocurrency communities knew little to nothing regarding DeFi (decentralized finance). July’s DeFi explosion shook the world, clearly waking up those still in the dark. That may be because, before this time, Uniswap had yet to make its monumental […]

How Uniswap is Shaping the Decentralized Finance Market

Even in the United States, 25% of households are unbanked or underbanked. That said, you wouldn’t imagine developed nations to have issues with access to financial tools and markets. This is where cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum play a considerable role. They supply secure access in an immutable, decentralized fashion. In fact, decentralized finance is playing a […]

Taxes & Cryptocurrency: Understanding Crypto Token Value

Not paying your crypto taxes to Uncle Sam can result in five years in prison and up to $25,000 in fines. Thanks to the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies, many people are still unaware of how to report their cryptocurrency taxes—or even that they’re liable for any. If you are a cryptocurrency beginner, you must clearly understand […]