Is Uniswap Available in the USA?

Cryptocurrencies, along with several crypto widgets, including trading platforms, exchanges, payment gateways, etc. have gained mass adoption. Uniswap is one such crypto exchange that has to gain widespread popularity due to its token swaps – free of middlemen. However, stringent laws and regulations around cryptocurrencies limit such initiatives to certain regions. So, is Uniswap available […]

Uniswap Flash Loans & How They Work

With protocol version V2, Uniswap has practically doubled down on flash loans and created an even better version of them. Developers have blamed flash loans for being the cause of numerous hacking events in the decentralized-finance (De-Fi) sector. However, Uniswap – the king of De-Fi, chose to still add the controversial feature called flash swaps, […]

Uniswap Vs. Coinbase: Decentralized Overtakes Centralized

On August 30, 2020, the Decentralized-Exchange (DEX), Uniswap, surpassed the Central-Exchange (CEX) Coinbase in overall cryptocurrency trading volume. Ethereum inventor and developer Hayden Adams revealed that the Uniswap protocol was at a trading volume of $426 million, while Coinbase’s trading volume stopped at $348 million.  Ever since its inception, people were always slightly skeptical about […]

Uniswap vs Mooniswap – Which DEX is Better?

With the arrival of Mooniswap last month and the consistent rise in liquidity on Uniswap, many investors are wondering which Decentralized-Exchange (DEX) is better. While both exchanges are decentralized and both feature an Automated Market Maker (AMM) that replaces order books, they both have key features that differentiate them from each other. Uniswap is still […]

Uniswap or Binance — The Battle of Crypto Exchanges

Both of these exchanges are leaders in their respective fields. Binance tops the Centralized-Exchange (CEX) charts. On the other hand, Uniswap ranks first in the Decentralized-Exchange (DEX) ecosystem. However, Uniswap’s dominance is growing day-by-day. This is because it has revolutionized the way we exchange crypto assets by introducing automated liquidity. So, Uniswap or Binance? Who […]

Uniswap Governance Token: Staying Decentralized

The team behind Uniswap developed one of the most successful Decentralized-Exchanges (DEXs) in the Decentralized Finance (De-Fi) sector after years of hard work. According to market data aggregator DeFi Pulse, the DEX hosts $2.78 billion in collateralized assets – $700 million more than the next leading platform, Maker. But which aspects of Uniswap have originally […]

How to Transfer Funds From Uniswap to Ledger?

Uniswap was launched in November 2018, and it soon became the go-to cryptocurrency exchange. You can connect your hot-wallet to Uniswap and swap tokens in a single transaction (tx). However, if you want added security, you should choose to transfer assets to a Ledger hardware wallet. In this tutorial, I will explain how you can […]

What Is the Uniswap Exchange?

If you have been hearing a lot about Uniswap lately, it’s probably because it is one of the fastest-growing protocols in the world of Decentralized-Finance (De-Fi). Uniswap currently has about $3 billion worth of liquidity locked into their protocol. If Uniswap is a decentralized protocol for automated liquidity provision on the Ethereum blockchain – then […]

What is Uniswap Liquidity?

Uniswap Liquidity is not the most intuitive or easy concept to understand. The concept of a Decentralized-Exchanges (DEX) is what brought Uniswap Liquidity into being. This article will attempt to demystify the critical points you should know about Uniswap Liquidity. In Centralized-Exchanges (CEX), there are order books that allow for people to trade with each […]

Where to Buy Uniswap Tokens: The Easy Way

Buying Uniswap tokens or any other tokens can sometimes be a bit tricky if you don’t know the most convenient or cost-effective place to get these tokens. After using many apps and services to buy various kinds of cryptos, I have found the best place to buy Uniswap Tokens is the actual Uniswap exchange. You can access […]