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Busta Rhymes Confirms He Holds Bitcoin


The latest celebrity to publicly endorse the most recent cryptocurrency craze is none other than the lyrically talented, globally recognized rap star better known by his stage name – Busta Rhymes.

Over the past couple of months, the critically acclaimed hip-hop artist showing his support for Bitcoin (BTC) has been an ongoing development, mirrored by a string of tweets dating back to just this past July.

The Story So Far


— Busta Rhymes (@BustaRhymes) July 26, 2021, via Twitter.

Busta Rhymes, whose real name is Trevor Tahiem Smith Jr., has been publicly endorsing cryptocurrencies via Twitter. The rapper had asked his fans if they knew about cryptocurrency, which resulted in fans shilling the rapper their favorite coins and tokens.

Busta was overwhelmed with all of the suggestions, so he asked for further clarification – which only led to hundreds more shilling their favorite cryptocurrencies. Rhymes, however, was relatively unphased by the chaotic scene that ensued, and if anything, seemed to grow even more curious following the Twitter frenzy.

Pointing Busta Rhymes in the Right Direction

“Also want to thank @elonmusk @jack @CathieDWood for the live videos event they did on #Bitcoin. Bought in that day and so grateful that I did.”

— Busta Rhymes (@BustaRhymes) August 19, 2021, via Twitter.

Upon catching wind of Busta Rhymes and his self-proclaimed interest in crypto, Twitter CEO and die-hard BTC maximalist Jack Dorsey looked to help out the rapper by pointing him towards helpful websites with cryptocurrency-related resources.

However, Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy, who now owns over 100,000 BTC, wasted no time directing Mr. Rhymes toward his own BTC informational hub: Bitcoin is Hope.

Busta Stays Bullish on Bitcoin

Despite all of the buzz and mainstream hype, Busta Rhymes and his evident interest in cryptocurrency seems to have transcended beyond just buying and holding BTC.

For example, a recent post on Twitter saw the rapper inquiring about accepting payments in cryptocurrencies, such as getting paid in BTC for live shows and concerts. And not just that, but for future business dealings and contracts, too. 

And although the rapper has publicly proclaimed his support for BTC, Busta has been making it clear he did not intend on merely stopping his pursuit, stating that he was planning on looking into Ethereum (ETH) next.

Final Thoughts

“GOOD MORNING! thinkin’ about gettin’ payment in #Bitcoin for shows and future business dealings. Should be easier to do right?” 

 Busta Rhymes (@BustaRhymes) August 19, 2021, via Twitter.

After all the sales pitches, the rapper looked to have finally made a choice: Busta Rhymes later tweeted his support for Bitcoin, claiming he “was sold” on the cryptocurrency. According to Rhymes, this epiphany largely came after watching The ₿ Word conference held this past July, which featured Jack Dorsey alongside Elon Musk.

But the hip-hop star did not stop there – via Twitter, the rapper went so far as to publicly proclaim his support for cryptocurrency with the endorsement of BTC. After that, he made it known to the public his plans to investigate the second most popular cryptocurrency, Ethereum, just a little closer.

Now it looks as though the rapper has a vested interest and is here to stay for the long haul.

Overall, it is a positive for the cryptocurrency space en masse when it comes to mainstream adoption and acceptance to see a prolific name in the entertainment industry such as Busta Rhymes take such a positive stance on crypto. It has become abundantly clear that this is only the beginning of Busta Rhymes’s cryptocurrency adventure.

To put it simply, we hope this positive sentiment continues growing among high-profile investors such as Busta Rhymes, and the more influential voices backing cryptocurrency the better it is for everyone!

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