Frequently Asked Questions

The max total supply is 30,000,000 SWFL. The current circulating supply is 20,100,000 SWFL.

The pre-sale price was $0.11 (August 26th, 2020)
3322 ETH was during pre-sale with 75% of that being locked into our Uniswap liquidity pool forever.

You may have connected the wrong wallet, ensure that the correct Metamask wallet has been linked to staking dAPP.

It is also possible that the last staking tx has not cleared yet and is still pending. Go to Activities located in the Metamask UI and make sure that the status reads Confirmed.

Stakers are charged a flat fee of 2.5% to stake and un-stake. 100% of these fees are shared proportionally to the staking pool. Stakers also take home a share of 2.1m SWFL which is dripped daily to the staking class for the next year.

In a future release of the Swapfolio app, we will be introducing in-app native advertising. 50% of this ad revenue will go straight into the staking class to increase your rewards even further.

The SWFL token is more than just a utility token. Holding SWFL will also give you access to upcoming “Pro” features including trade alerts, limit orders, and trading history. On top of that, you can stake your SWFL token, increasing your potential ROI. In future releases, the Swapfolio app will introduce in-app native advertising. 50% of this ad revenue will be distributed exclusively to the staking class/stakers.

Although we will be releasing new features as and when they are ready, we are looking at December for our official Beta release.

Pro features will also be released when they are made available up to the Beta release. You can now try the first Pro feature, the Watchlist – here https://swapfolio.app/

New DEXes and chains will be considered in the future based on its popularity and interest from our community – as always. However, the main focus at this time is to roll out all the basic features while ensuring that they’re all stable for future upgrades.
With a daily reward percentage of around 0.5% that would put the APY of staking your SWFL at around 182.5%.
Our pre-sale was completed through the LID protocol. 75% of the ETH raised during our pre-sale plus 25% of the SWFL tokens were provided to the Uniswap liquidity pool, the smart contract was locked – FOREVER. Team tokens have also been locked into smart contracts for ten months and are dripped 10% per month, for even more security.
Ampleforth (AMPL)
Chainlink (LINK)
Uniswap (UNI)