Token Listing Disclaimer

The team at Swapfolio wants to make sure that the community clearly understands what we can and cannot guarantee, as to prevent a false sense of security or disappointment:

We CAN guarantee we will be screening all tokens listed on the Swapfolio app.

We CANNOT guarantee that rug-pulls or other scams will be 100% eliminated due to various factors beyond our control. To put that kind of responsibility on one team is not only unfair, it is an impossible task.

One should always do their own due diligence when buying a token via the Swapfolio app. Your own research should always be your primary line of defense.

The 3-Step Screening Guarantee

The current process for screening tokens listed on the Swapfolio app is a three-step filtering process that we guarantee will be used for every token listed:

  • 1. The first step is to use CoinGecko’s API to cross-check the Uniswap listing data. CoinGecko will NEVER list duplicates, fakes, etc.
  • 2. The second step is to compile a list of (roughly) 1,000 tokens that have been cross-checked to then filter by volume and liquidity.
  • 3. The final step is to have a team dedicated to manually investigate each token individually to check the legitimacy of each token.

Swapfolio believes that this process is the safest strategy, at the time of this writing. We will always be looking for ways to improve the current method as we pay close attention to both present and future trends. As of now, this is our plan to help you avoid stress and heartache when using the Swapfolio app. 

It is crucial that you do not have a false sense of security knowing that a team has looked into every token listed.

Swapfolio’s Request to the Community

The team would greatly appreciate some help in flagging known scams.

If you are aware of any tokens that have been confirmed to be a scam-token, please notify a team member to report it. We will then immediately remove it from our list of potential tokens to vet after it has been confirmed. 

With your help, we can better serve you by moving on to the next potential token to be listed while keeping our community as safe as can be.

With the help of our community and our dedicated team, we can drastically reduce the chances of a scam ever getting close to being listed – and the team sincerely thanks you in advance for your help.

Share Your Thoughts With Us

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments that you’d like to share, the team is always willing and ready to listen and respond. Visit our Telegram channel to discuss any topic or share your ideas.

The team at Swapfolio will always do their best to look out for the community’s best interest. Whether that means safety precautions, new features, or promos, we are always open to suggestions and hearing what is most important to you.

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